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About the CutieSquad!

Come and meet the cutest squad out there!

Are you in need of an adorable superhero who is ready to save your day, ready to make you smile and remind you how to have the most fun! Look no further! No matter who you are and where you are from, the CutieSquad got you covered. 

The CutieSquad is a group of the cutest superheroes, always ready to cheer up your day! Cuties you often see are Ray, Jacky, Mo & Jess, but they also have a lot of friends who join them on their adventures to help make the world a better place! So don’t be surprised to see others than the cuties on top of this page! 

On our website, you will find backstories, awesome merch, but also a monthly freebie! And if you dare to have even more fun, join our Instagram to stay updated on our their awesome adventures, join our challenges, download even more freebies and to talk to us, because we love to get to know you and hear about your adventures too!

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This is the final month of the year and it’s time for a bit of Winter Wonderland and having fun with your friends!

We love January and all the coziness this month brings! This month we’ll be drawing a lot of fall related illustrations, post a few free mobile wallpapers during the week and celebrate Christmas together!