The last few months have been absolutely… actually we are lost for words. It was hectic, busy, lots of fun, lots of meetings, lots of testing, new people joining the squad, long days of working, etc. But we are so proud to give you a very big update of everything that has been going on behind the scenes!

First things first

The CutieSquad is growing in multiple ways. You all know Gladys by now, if not… well she is the genius who created the CutieSquad. Jacky, Jess, Mo and Ray formed a squad thanks to her imagination. Even though the squad already made a good team, there was a lot of work to do. Actually, it was a bit much.

So two years ago Denise joined the squad! She works behind the scenes with social media, always brings sparks to words (everything sounds better thanks to her!) and she is always there for Gladys to brainstorm. 

The squad became even bigger last April when Katja (Hi, that’s me! The person who is writing this blog.) joined the team. Originally I was asked to do PR, but I ended up also doing various marketing jobs behind the scenes and I honestly love it.

So that’s that, let’s talk about some amazing projects we have been working on!

Subscription box stickers

There might be a possibility that I, Katja, screamed during the Zoom meeting with my colleagues when Gladys revealed she wants to launch a subscription box for stickers. Yes, you read that right! A box filled with stickers that will be sent every season to your house. I’m not gonna lie that I was very glad that I was on speaker and no one was wearing headphones so I hopefully didn’t damage their eardrums too much. (I’m so sorry guys!)
Anyhow, we are very happy to tell you that we start with spooky season. Yes, the first sticker box will be Halloween themed. More information will follow later this September. So follow us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates. 

Printable shop

It’s September, that means we launched the printable shop! Come craft, draw and color with us. Besides coloring pages you can also find calendars, to do pages and of course our very loved wallpapers. Oh, and don’t forget the A4 sized prints, perfect to cute up your life! Everything in the printable shop is a digital file. Your printable files will be available to download immediately after checkout. You can print this file at home, a professional printing shop, or online.
Fun should be for everyone. That’s why we decided that a part of our collection will be free of charge. We can’t wait to see how you cute up your life!
(Pssst, share your creations on Instagram by using the hashtag #cutiesquadclub.)

A lot of exciting news and we are so happy that we get to share this with you. We’ll keep you updated on the latest in blogs and on our socials. But for now we wish you an amazing day and don’t forget to keep spreading cuteness in the world!

Lots of love from Team CutieSquad