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Are you in need of an adorable superhero who’s ready to save your day? Ready to make you smile and remind you to have fun? Look no further! No matter who you are and where you are from, the CutieSquad got you covered.

The CutieSquad is a group of the cutest superheroes, always ready to cheer up your day! They all came from different backgrounds, but they share the same dream! That’s why the CutieSquad teamed up to make the world a better place and to remind people to smile and have fun! With these guys and gals, you can expect a lot of fun, inspirationadventures and art with a mission, a statement and a reminder things can be more fun!

For now, the squad consists out of Jacky (red panda), Ray (penguin), Mo (hamster), Jess (unikitty). But this doesn’t mean others won’t join. A familiar face is their friend Tom (a Shiba) who will join soon!. But there are more friends who might join regularly or maybe by your request! Who knows!

Read more about the characters here.

Gladys P. Nut | Artist

Gladys always loved drawing, but when she was around 12 the big bad grown-ups told her to stop drawing and pursue a “real” career. After 10 years in IT, she had her second burn-out and decided to it was time to chase her own dreams.

Her dream was to draw again and her mission was to remind people to chase their own dreams and have fun while doing it!

About CutieSquad

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