About us

Congrats! You’re all grown up. Now what?

Eat video-calls for lunch and look at a computer for the next 40 years? Hell no!

Cutie Squad is not for boring grown-ups, it’s for the adventurous person you truly are. That playful explorer, who believes fairytales should exist. Let us remember what we wanted to be when we were little. Always.

Growing up doesn’t stop you from making plans, being loose – you’re just doing it with a little more experience and wisdom. Cutie Squad is an open-minded community for people that ‘happen’ to be grown-up. Cutie Squad is built for every stage in your life. It’s a big world out there. Just remember to have fun exploring it.

To empower* kids & grown-ups to live life their way; transforming child & adulthood into a carefree exploration.

Gladys P. Nut

In Gladys P. Nut’s story, her family are the superheroes. Their goal is to inspire grown-ups to express themselves freely and wander without compromise. They fight against the ‘keurslijf’ that comes with growing up and the expectations from the current society.

How? By going back to the essence of life: happiness.

Gladys P. Nut helps us remember that our story doesn’t end if we happen grow up. She’s who she is and encourages people to be the best version of theirselves too.


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