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We’re available for custom artwork, emotes, loyalty badges, animated gifs and we’re always open for a fun challenge! Let’s cute up the world!

The most popular commissions have a set price and can be purchased immediately.

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No listing that fits your needs? No worries!

Contact us by sending an email to info@cutiesquad.com or send DM us on Instagram and let’s have a talk.

 Rush Jobs 

  • Rush jobs are not always available, it depends on the current planning.

  • To rush a job it will be your order total plus 50% of your total

    • Ex. If you want to rush one emote it would be 25 EUR + 12.5 EUR

  • Rush jobs are done as soon as possible with the exception of my 2 days off. If there are people ahead of you I will give you an estimate on when yours would be likely to start.

Terms of Service

  • You are not to use my artwork for ANY  merchandise at all, that includes Non-profit or for personal use, without my express written permission.

  • Any commissioned artworks are for commissioner use only. Commercial distribution and usage are prohibited without my express written permission.

  • My work is not to be altered or modified without my express written permission.

  • I maintain the right to use any artwork I make, including commissions. This means that I may use it for my own personal reasons, such as advertising/etc. However, I will NEVER resell any piece commissioned from me.

  • Perpetual, Commercial, and Licensing rights may be purchased (Contact for inquiries)

  • Any violation of terms of service will be grounds to turn down/terminate the commission.

  • I maintain the right to turn down any commission

  • Once I started working on a commission you are not eligible to receive a refund.

  • Commissioning me this means you have agreed to all of my terms and conditions.

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