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MostCutest.nl is an online kawaii shop based in the Netherlands, filled with kawaii products. Our shop carries the best squishy assortment in Europe, cutest kawaii stationery, popular D.I.Y. Candy Popin’ Cookin Kits, yummy Japanese snacks, adorable accessoiries, D.I.Y & Craft products and more. 

CuteStuff.nl is THE shop for unique kawaii gifts and life style products. A little bit different, but 200% cute. Or, as they say in Japan: kawaii!!

Cutestuff.nl likes does their part to make the world a happier and cuter place!

Soon added to the squad


HMV, short for His Master’s Voice, is a renowned retailer specializing in music, film, and entertainment products. With a rich history dating back to 1921, HMV has become synonymous with quality and diversity, offering a wide range of CDs, DVDs, vinyl records, and merchandise. From chart-topping hits to cult classics, HMV remains a beloved destination for music and movie enthusiasts worldwide.

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