Hi Cuties, Gladys here! I love communicating with you all online and it brings me lots of joy chatting with you in the comments and in direct messages. But there is something I need to get off my chest which I can better word in a blog (also because I need more words than Instagram would allow me). So grab a mug of tea, coffee, or hot cocoa, and let’s get started! 

A new state of the world

Over a year and a half ago everything started to look rapidly different. The world got a new state and life as we knew it, got new playground rules we never heard of before. Hugging became social distancing and playing outside together became playing inside mostly online with a screen in between.
This. Everything. It hit me hard mentally. Thankfully I created the Cutiesquad around the same time, so they could keep me company. 

No more convention scene 

It breaks my heart to say this, but for now, I won’t go back to the convention scene. Not with my own booth at least. You can still buy the CutieSquad products from one of our lovely dealers!

I will come back once hugging is allowed again, because the thing is… I go to conventions to talk with you guys. I love talking with you, getting to know you, and understanding what is going on in everyone’s lives. Those chats give me so much inspiration to create new things. 

CutieSquad is a lifestyle, but also… it’s a business 

Not going to conventions, shipments that take months (for small businesses that’s for forever!), and hoping that it will even arrive, are making my livelihood almost impossible. Actually, it’s making it impossible, but as Team CutieSquad we were quick to react. At the end of the day, CutieSquad is not just a lifestyle, it’s also a business. Instead of just waiting we decided to evolve and hit the free market!

A new start

But first I decided to go back to the values with which we started this CutieSquad. I started CutieSquad to show the world art is a real job and to inspire others to follow their dreams too! The main goal of our NFT project is to build a so-called ‘Break Free’ Academy, to give people the learnings and tools to break free from the system and go live their best life. With the profit from selling the NFTs, we can set this up, hire the right people and start hosting events that really matter.

NFT: a new playground

But what is NFT? It stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs turn digital assets into “one of a kind” by creating a unique digital signature. That defines the ownership of the assets that can be bought and sold for real money, cryptocurrency, or any other asset like an NFT. 

Basically, NFT creates a blockchain-based digital certificate for your digital collectibles like art. And in our case, our CutieSquad digital art! 

CutieSquad NFTs

CutieSquad NFTs are made up with over tons of exciting traits of faces, hats, body, accessoires, clothing, shoes and backgrounds. Each Cutie is a unique NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. Holding a Cutie will make you a full member and allows you to vote for CutieSquad designs, merchandise and the brand building in general!

NFT is a unique token and we are just in time to help define the future of this playground. As you all know we love our community and we want you to be part of it. We want to change the game from creating stuff and selling it to you guys to building an ecosystem together and benefit from it as a community. 

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram and join us on our Discord. We hope to see you there! Please, feel free to ask away in the comments down below or on our social media account or wait until we do a Q&A over on our Instagram. In the future, we will write more about NFT over on our specially made CutieSquad NFT website: CutieSquad.io