Fall is one of the best times of the year in our opinion. We love playing games when it’s dark outside. Like board games but also playing with our Nintendo Switch (are there more people excited for the new update for Animal Crossing New Horizons?). 
Besides that, we love being creative with our bullet journals and other ways to cute up our lives. How can we do that better than with a new sticker box? 

First of all we want to thank you! Thanks to your support we sold out the Halloween sticker box in just a matter of days. It makes us so happy that you love our products just as much as we do. For November we created a box with one of Gladys (the most awesome person and creator of the CutieSquad) her favorite topics: Herbology! 

“Herbology is the study of plants and plant lore. Botanists typically collect and identify different species of plant in order to make potions and remedies, and their compilations are known as ‘herbals’.”

Fall season is the best time of the year for…

Going to the woods wearing cute rain boots to jump in puddles, kicking leaves up in the air and when back at home eating pumpkin soup. We love exploring nature even though the weather is getting cooler, because that’s the more reason to get cosy when back home.
For November we wanted to create a sticker box that embodies our love for Herbology and nature. Mo even decided to dress up as a mushroom for the occasion! Some of the CutieSquad members have a love for magic so you can also expect something to do with potions in your sticker box. Sounds like the start of a falltastic season don’t you think?  

Stick with it!

The stickers you can find in the sticker box will be exclusive to the box. You can choose between a membership or the single box option.
If you join CutieSquad Stickerclub, the name of the monthly subscription sticker box membership, you get also a Personal CutieSquad Badge, Special Birthday Sticker, chance to find the Golden Cutie and of course you will receive every month the sticker box. 

Let’s get to the facts

The costs of the CutieSquad sticker box: Herbology edition will be €15 for the single box and €10 as a member of the CutieSquad Stickerclub. We offer free shipping in the Netherlands. Shipping fees to other countries can be found here
What can you expect from the sticker box? An overfilled stickerbox (worth €25) including:

2 x Sticker Sheet
2 x Sticker Set
2 x Specials (retro/fanart/holographic/planner kit/huge sticker, etc.)
1x A5 Art Print

The sticker boxes will be shipped after the 31st of October. Please keep in mind that shipping can take longer because of the current state of the world.