Do you remember our awesome limited sticker boxes from last year? Well, we are gonna bring it back. But not just for one time only. What do you think about every month? Let’s make our agenda’s, bullet journals and other things super cute and kawaii!

Hi, you! You are probably here because you want to know more about our sticker boxes. If you read our latest blog post “A very fun and big update” then you already know that we wanted to bring the sticker boxes back, but what we didn’t knew back then… was that we won’t bring it back every season, but we are going to bring it back every month! 
Thanks to you lovely followers, your enthusiastic reactions and your wish for more… we want to tell you we heard you. That’s why we’re gonna release a sticker box each month.

Spooky season, but make it cute 

For most people, Christmas is their favorite celebration, but for us, Team CutieSquad, it is Halloween! That’s why it makes us even more excited that we launch our very first monthly sticker box with the theme Halloween. Are you ready for the spooky season? 

Let’s get to the facts

The costs of the CutieSquad sticker box: Halloween edition will be €10 (free shipping in the Netherlands, shipping fees to other countries can be found here). 
What can you expect from the sticker box? An overfilled stickerbox (worth €25) including:

2 x Sticker Sheet
2 x Sticker Set
2 x Specials (retro/fanart/holographic/planner kit/huge sticker, etc.)
1x A5 Art Print

The presale for the sticker boxes will start 16 September CEST and they will be shipped after the 30th of September. Please keep in mind that shipping can take longer because of the current state of the world.