How to be a kid again

by Gladys van Velse on July 21, 2022

As a kid, you can’t wait for the day to be an adult, but as soon as you turn an adult you wish to still be a kid. Do you recognize yourself in this? Adulthood feels draining with days filled with working, paying bills, taking care of our families and so on. Yes, it can be fun, but it can also be stressful and a little boring at times. Maybe the dream of being a kid again starts to creep up on you. 

Honestly we from CutieSquad get it. For most of us, our childhood fell as a safe place where everything was practically done for us and we had little to no worries. Our days existed of playing and exploring with a fearless attitude. We believe you can be a kid again to an extent. Of course, we have to pay the bills, but that doesn’t mean that the play has to stop. Children provide amazing examples of ways to get more enjoyment out of life even as an adult. Let’s have a closer look at the lessons we can learn from kids. 

See life through the eyes of a kid

As an adult, it sometimes feels like we have seen it all. The flowers, the smell of delicious food being cooked, etc. And for some reason, it doesn’t bring us joy like it used to. Place yourself in your younger self… how did you react to things when you were a kid?
It’s no secret that children see things differently than adults do. Everything is new and fills them with wonder and curiosity. They take the time to just sit and look at something and find joy out of little things. 

Lesson: practice looking at things from a new, fresh point of view as if it is the first time you are seeing them.

Let go and have fun as a kid does

As an adult, it’s easy to feel tied down by responsibilities. That’s the point in life we take everything too seriously and forget how to let loose. The fear of being judged by others with the feeling that there is only one way to grow up is holding us back to live our own life. If we are not careful we put a “mask” on to feel more protected. Children do not have these “masks” in place yet. They feel free to enjoy life as they are and do not much care what others are thinking of them.
So let us ask the question: are you more protected with a “mask” on? By living life too seriously it’s easy to forget who you are. Losing yourself in the process of pleasing others seems like a waste of time, don’t you think? People who judge you for letting loose, trust us, don’t have as much fun as you. Besides that, do you actually want someone like that to like you?

Lesson: drop the “mask” and let the fun side out no matter how silly it may seem to others. 

Things you could do: dance and sing at the top of your lungs in the car or at a concert, blow bubbles, build a sandcastle, skip down the street. 

Be honest with yourself

If there is one trait that kids do that stand out is that they are brutally honest. Nobody can point out flaws like a child. We shouldn’t focus only on our flaws or that can lead to a lack of self-confidence, but we can all benefit from being brutally honest with ourselves. If we aren’t where we want to be in life, we need to take a good, hard look at what we have been doing. Be honest and see where you can improve. Don’t let life pass you by because you kept a blind eye to all that you could do or be.

Lesson: be honest with yourself and reflect from time to time. 

Stay in touch with your inner child  

Learning doesn’t stop the moment you leave school and play doesn’t need to stop when you’re an adult. We believe that if you learn to see through the eyes of a kid, let go and have fun like a kid does, and start being as honest with yourself as a kid is, then you can definitely bring more joy and excitement to your life. Stay in touch with your inner child, always.